£900,000 Pilot to Get Young People into Work

The Labour-led Welsh Government has launched a £900,000 pilot scheme that will help young people in Neath into employment. This programme will offer 180 employment opportunities for 16-17 year olds in Communities First areas in parts of South and West Wales, for a six month period.

Gwenda Thomas said: “There are several Communities First areas in disadvantaged parts of Neath. This scheme will be an excellent for opportunity for young people within them to help themselves into work. This is part of the Labour-led Welsh Assembly Government’s strategy to reduce social inequalities in these areas.”

“Taking that first step onto the employment ladder is extremely difficult for many young people. We all know how tricky it can be to get that first job with no previous work experience. By giving them a chance at proper paying work this scheme will give a boost to the future career prospects for dozens of young people in Neath.”

This new project is a component of the Intermediate Labour Market Programme (ILM), which is part of the Welsh Assembly Government’s Youth Engagement and Employment Action Plan.

Funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and European Social Fund, the ILM is provided through the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action and already operates across North Wales. It will now contract organisations in South and West Wales who are able to support and develop young people who are not in employment education or training.

The scheme provides structured, relevant and supported employment to those furthest from the labour market in order to give participants new skills, increased confidence and work experience.

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