All aboard the housing bus! Time to have your say

Residents living on estates in the county will be able to have their say on housing services when Denbighshire’s housing staff in collaboration with the BUS STOP Community Team, a partnership of local social landlords, will be conducting surveys on housing estates over the coming weeks.

For the next three weeks, the team will be on board the BUS in Denbigh and asking people to take part in a survey.

The survey will be seeking the views of our tenants, asking whether they are satisfied with the services provided by Denbighshire and asking how we can improve our performance. Information on all housing services will also be available.

The information given for the survey will be treated in the strictest confidence, and the feedback collected will help to improve our services to everyone in the community, ensuring equality and fairness of access to housing services.

Peter McHugh, Denbighshire’s Head of Housing Services, said: “We are committed to getting closer to the community and working in partnership with our tenants to provide excellent housing services.

“In addition, we hope our tenants will join in with opportunities to be part of our tenant scrutiny and tenant participation groups.”

The survey will begin in Denbigh and we will be moving to other areas throughout Denbighshire in the coming months with surveys in the Rhyl area during May and June.