Balance your Bobbies in Colwyn Bay

Balance your BobbiesColwyn Bay police officers last week took to the Bay View shopping centre to conduct ‘Balance your Bobbies’ surveys.

Several people assisted with the survey, which is an interactive scheme whereby people can indicate which issues they would like the police to concentrate on in their area.

Neighbourhood issues vary from area to area. They can be anything from graffiti, alcohol related antisocial behaviour, car crime to speeding drivers and may include other higher profile crimes, such as drug dealing or violence.

Pleased at the public response, Inspector Essi Ahari said: It’s all about engagement – getting people to tell us what they want. The more feed back we get the better it is.”

“This is not replacing community meetings, it is another avenue for people to talk to us – it’s quick, very simple and its ward specific.”

Teresa Carnall, Chair of the Colwyn Bay and District Chamber of Trade added: “This is a fantastic idea as long as everything is noted and implemented, because it’s giving people the opportunity to have their say.”

There are a number of means for the public to make the police aware of these issues through regular local public meetings, Police Authority Community Forums, Force wide surveys, and feedback through Police Authority members, and others.

The Balance your Bobbies interactive project was launched at the National Eisteddfod in Bala in August 2009. The web based version of Balance your Bobbies was launched online in November 2009.  If you have any issues you would like the Police to address in your area please click here