Christmas comes early for Welsh Mountain Zoo Animals

Christmas came early for animals at the Welsh Mountain Zoo in the form of willow cuttings thanks to a donation from Conwy County Borough Council.

Many animals at the Zoo, including the Bactrian Camels, Przewalski Wild Horses and the Fallow Deer, will welcome the addition of Willow leaves, barks and shoots to their diet. The cuttings can also be used as an enrichment tool, providing a more natural way for the animals to source their food and additionally aiding mental and physical stimulation.

The donated willow cuttings were fed to animals at the Zoo on Saturday 12th December by members of Conwy County Borough Council and Darren Millar AM along with Old Colwyn Scouts and Beavers Group.

Speaking after the event, Assembly member for Clwyd West Darren Millar said:

‘It’s always a treat to visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo and Saturday was no exception.

‘It’s great to see the local authority working alongside this premier North Wales attraction and with the Old Colwyn Scouts and Beavers Groups.

‘The willow project not only helps the animals at the zoo to enjoy some healthy treats, it also helps to educate the children involved in the activities.

‘I can’t wait for my next visit!’

Photograph: (left to right) Toby Millar, Darren Millar AM, Cllr. Brian Cossey, Cllr. Brenda Taylor and Cllr. Mike Preistley at the Welsh Mountain Zoo
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