Davies: Bovine TB U-turn was ‘politically motivated’

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly, Andrew RT Davies AM, has challenged the First Minister to admit that political motives were the driving force behind the decision not to press ahead with a badger cull.

It follows the resignation of a scientist from the government’s TB eradication board this week. In his resignation letter, Professor Pollock stated “I was disappointed the minister seemed to be adopting a strategy that was not justified by the scientific evidence.”

The 2011 Programme for Government claimed a ‘science-led approach’ would be taken when tackling TB.

Speaking after First Minister’s Questions, Mr Davies said:

“It’s about time the First Minister admitted his bovine TB U-turn was not justified by the scientific evidence.

“Professor Pollock’s comments make it very clear that the commitment made in the programme for government has been broken. This was a politically motivated decision where science took a back seat.

“The new scheme will also cost an additional 3.5 million pounds, with no significant improvements.

“The previous eradication strategy had cross party support in the Assembly and the full backing of the industry. The decision to scrap it was a betrayal of rural communities across Wales and they deserve to hear the real reasons behind it.”