Davies: Funding review must deliver thriving university sector

Commenting on today’s announcement of a review into university funding in Wales, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

“This review must deliver much more than simply a cheap headline for a recently appointed minister.

“We have had numerous reviews and reports into universities in Wales. Last year the Auditor General said universities should work more collaboratively, while MPs warned that the future of HE in Wales is uncertain if the core funding gap between Welsh and English colleges is not tackled.

“The year before the Assembly Government ordered another review into student debt and higher education’s ‘purpose and role’ under the leadership of Prof Mervyn Jones.

“A thriving university sector is vital for the Welsh economy, particularly during difficult economic times.

“By failing to invest in higher education the Assembly Government risks long-term damage to the Welsh economy, skills base, and the promotion of life-long learning.”