Help Prove Paul the Psychic Octopus Wrong

Our Welsh mates in the States are at 195 out of 200 in a big competition which could win them $20,000 If they fall out of the top 200 then they get nothing. The contest finishes on Tuesday morning.

Paul has said (allegedly) that they will fail in their endeavours. Please help us prove this cocky cephalopod wrong.

We are all working together to help them get funding for their Eisteddfod this year

The Meriwether Lewis Memorial Eisteddfod Foundation has entered the Chase Community Giving contest on Facebook in an attempt to win a grant for $20,000 This money will be used to fund airfares and accommodation for Welsh artists and musicians to appear at the Left Coast Eisteddfod in Portland , Oregon this year.

Can you all please post and message this link to everyone you can. Just sharing it does not seem to be doing them much good at the moment.

It would appear that some of the other applicants are using teams of professional fund-raisers so this little Welsh Group really needs all the help they can get.

It is not as simple as it first appears so please read the instructions and post this as a message rather than just sharing this link.


1. Log in to Facebook and register with the app….you need to give it permission to access your profile.

2. Click on ‘Search and Vote’ which is in a bar with a green background just below the ‘Like’ button. Do not just click on the ‘Like’ button. You have to click it but this does not constitute a vote. All this will do is ‘Like’ the application. This is very important…you need to click the ‘Like’ button but there is more.


3. On the search page:- enter … meriwether lewis memorial eisteddfod foundation … in the ‘Charity Name’ search box (cut’n’paste will do ). This will bring us up in the search results. Click on the link to take you to the voting page. You should see a bar ( green background ) with the words ‘Vote Now’. Click it and you’re done. You will see the vote counter increase by one.

Many thanks/Diolch massive