Hywel Dda Consultation Process

Further concerns over Hywel Dda’s current listening & engagement exercise have been raised in the Chamber at the National Assembly.

During questions to the Health & Social Services Minister, Lesley Griffiths, Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Angela Burns spoke of issues that have been raised with her by a number of constituents.

Ms Burns asked the Minister to ensure that in her published Guidance for Engagement and Consultation on Changes to Health Services, it is made clear that information must be made available publicly for all people and that whilst the DVD being sent by Hywel Dda to all homes was an innovative approach it did not reach a significant number of constituents who either didn’t have the right facilities to play it or who couldn’t access the web site.

Mrs Burns said “I have had to print off endless copies of the listening & engagement exercise for people who can’t access the website and I can see the same happening with the up coming consultation exercise. This particularly affects older people, those with some disabilities, or those who don’t have a range of IT interfaces at home”

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