Internet safety tips for Neath parents

Parents at a Neath school have been given top tips on how to keep their children safe on the Internet.

The event at Dwr Y Felin Comprehensive Lower School was organised by Assistant Head Teacher Penny Peet and Police Schools Liaison Officer PC Gavin Puckett.

Around 25 parents were given advice by e-Crime Wales Business Support Officer John Cherry on how they can help prevent themselves and their children getting into danger online.

Mr Cherry said: “It is crucial that everyone adopts a responsible approach to e-crime security. In addition to highlighting the importance of installing and maintaining up to date anti virus and anti malware software.

“We discussed the responsible use of social network sites and the personal information which their children readily disclose via social network sites.

“All this detail is potentially available to anyone using the Internet. We need to consider carefully and address what I call the “Facebook Friend” phenomenon. A friend is someone you know, like, respect and ultimately trust yet we disclose personal data to people we have never met.

“Some parents are unaware of the age restriction for creating a Facebook account. Children have to be aged 13 and yet parents are creating accounts for children of a much younger age. A more responsible approach to the use of these sites is needed so as not to undermine the benefits.”

PC Puckett added: “I hope the advice given by John Cherry was worthwhile and will help parents to prevent their children getting into any trouble online.

“Access to the internet and the many forms of communication this offers has presented new challenges for parents, schools, agencies working to protect children and most importantly young people themselves.

“Unfortunately there are people who will seek to abuse this. This might take the form of bullying in texts and on line between children or adults using the systems to contact children and young people for more sinister purposes.”