Intrepid wildlife fans urged to explore beauty spot

Wildlife fans will soon have the chance to get under the skin of a Swansea nature reserve and catalogue its plant and animal life.

A 24-hour biodiversity blitz and ocean vigil is being held at the Bishop’s Wood Nature Reserve in Caswell and nearby coastal path from 5am on Saturday May 22 to 5am on Sunday May 23.

People of all ages are invited to take part and join experts in putting together an inventory of the reserve’s woodland and grassland species as well as the coastal and marine life along the shoreline.

Searches for bats, butterflies, moths, dawn chorus birds, lichens, elm trees, spiders, seaweed and shore fish are among those being organised.

Teams will leave from a central marquee area tasked with discovering and surveying particular kinds of plant and animal life.

Efforts are ongoing to secure a thermal vision camera to help with exploring in the darkness.

The event coincides with International Biodiversity Day and is being organised by Swansea Council’s Nature and Conservation Team and the Swansea Biodiversity Partnership.

Data collected during the event will be centrally collated by experts and sent onto relevant recording groups and SEWBREC (The South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre).

The survey results will also be made available online and on the National Biodiversity Network Gateway.

Judith Oakley, of Swansea Council’s Nature and Conservation Team, said: “This event is one of only two in Wales and is the first time a thorough inventory of Bishop’s Wood and the nearby shoreline will have taken place.

“It’s very important because it will raise the profile of the rich range of wildlife right here on our doorstep and will encourage people to explore their local beauty spots and coastlines to see what they can find.

“People are often amazed by some of the plant and animal species they can come across in the UK and we hope as many people as possible come along to join in this exciting and educational event.”

Details of when particular searches are taking place over the 24 hours will be revealed closer to the time.

Anyone looking for further information or to book places at the event should email Swansea Council’s Nature and Conservation team on or

Enquiries can also be made by calling 01792 635784.