Praise for Cardiff’s Post-Christmas Recycling Operation

Cardiff Council’s recycling facility has received a record number of green bags this Christmas, totalling an impressive 1820 tonnes between 26th December and 5th January compared to 1500 tonnes last year.

Due to an efficiency drive launched by the new administration at the Materials Reclamation Facility (MRF) in order reduce cost to the Council tax payers, there has also been a decrease of over 1225 tonnes of waste in comparison to last year being sent out to a third party recycling facility.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Ashley Govier said: “I have personally witnessed the huge scale of the post Christmas operation undertaken at Lamby Way and the amount of waste we are processing there since the efficiency drive is fantastic. We will continue with this drive in order to reduce the cost to the Cardiff tax payer and continue diverting more of our waste from landfill.

“I want to thank residents across the City who are helping the City Coffers and Sustainability agenda through their recycling efforts.

‘’As always I would also like to praise the collection and processing staff who demonstrate dedication and professionalism, especially during this busy time of year. I am also delighted to see that there were far fewer complaints than in the previous administrations’ years.”

The Labour administration is grateful for the excellent achievement and fantastic response from residents who have contributed to this success and demonstrate the importance to continue this way. I can assure residents that this administration will continue challenging the Council to meet your expectations

I would also ask residents to ensure that they help us by reducing the food contamination in recycled materials by rinsing containers, using food waste caddies and reducing the amount of recyclable material put into black bags so we can maximise recyclable goods, enforcing the authority’s sustainable vision and helping us keep costs down.