Ramsay: Call centre mistake puts First Minister on ‘thin ice’

Welsh Conservatives have called for clarity over the First Minister’s call centre jobs mistake.

His announcement of 600 new jobs in Cardiff – made as Wales prepared to enter a local election campaign – has now been called a ‘misunderstanding’ by the company itself, Firstsource.

It is reported that the ‘vast majority’ of the jobs will be transferred from an existing operator.

Shadow Minister or Business Nick Ramsay AM said:

“This blunder puts the First Minister on very thin ice indeed.

“His announcement was made immediately before we entered a period of campaigning. Its promise of new jobs resulted in a series of good news messages and arguably gave the impression that his government was involved in some way.

“Now we are told it was all a misunderstanding. That’s a serious error that can’t be spun away with the word ‘semantics’ as the first minister has attempted. Either 600 jobs are coming – or they’re not.

“While I welcome the news that Firstsource is committed to Cardiff, the first minister should now clarify the remarks he made.”

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