Ramsay: More support needed for jobs creation

Welsh Conservatives have today called for the Welsh Government to better support the private sector in Wales and do more to help the creation of jobs.

During an opposition debate yesterday afternoon, the group has called for economic development spending to be better targeted at businesses and measures that promote business growth.

This includes further business rates relief, broadband investment and easier access to training and skills development.

Shadow Minister for Business, Nick Ramsay AM, said:

“Simply – private sector growth is the key to creating Welsh jobs. So why is it not getting the support it deserves?

“It is shameful that despite spending billions of pounds on economic development – including two rounds of EU funding – the Welsh Government has failed to tackle deep-rooted unemployment. Many groups in society remain far from the labour market and that’s unforgiveable.

“Small businesses – and their potential to drive growth – are being neglected.

“Business concerns revolve around regulations, skills shortages and ineffective policies. Labour’s answers are more regulations, more skills shortages and more ineffective policies. They’re not listening. They’re not acting on the worries of those who work within the private sector day-in, day-out.

“Business rates relief, infrastructure projects and easier access to training are the starting blocks Labour should be sprinting from. Instead, they’re still waiting for the starting gun.”